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Vikkex was founded, by Joseph Kexel, on the principle that great service should be the core of any modern IT company, not hardware sales. With that in mind, Vikkex was setup around the idea that service should be quick, efficient, affordable and provided on a routine basis.

One important part of creating quick, efficient and affordable customer service is providing remote administration software to the desktop. By using the best open source solutions, we can put such technology on every workstation. As remote support increases, on-site service calls decrease, as do the associated service call fees.

Aside from our Standard Service Rates (for business clients outside our home area), the Kenosha Standard Service Rates and our Residential Service Rates, we provide The Vikkex Service Plan and The Vikkex Service Plan (Kenosha). The Vikkex Service Plans are offered to promote routine network service by cutting our hourly rate, including ways to eliminate service call fees, and much more.

The services we provide include, but are not limited to Data Backup and Restore, Disaster Recovery, PC Hardware Repair, PC Hardware Upgrades, Server Installation, Server Maintenance, Workstation Installation, Workstation Maintenance, Virus Removal, Adware and Spyware Removal, Worm Removal, Trojan Removal, Data Transfer, Security Checkups and
whatever else needs to be done.