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Hardware Sales

Hardware sales are the classic method of profit for most IT firms. The problem is that the big players have dropped prices to incredibly low margins. And that means that the industry average of 7% gross profit doesn't go very far to keep a business afloat. Especially, when covering warranty issues. Generally, most local PC companies are at the same position in the distribution chain as the typical end user.

The only way to match the big computer manufacturers on price is to sell cheap components, and that's CHEAP in the BAD way! We prefer you purchase the large equipment, like PCs, servers and printers, yourself. We can provide CDW part numbers or SKUs from other retailers. You can buy the good stuff at a great price and then invest the savings into implementation and maintenance!

The other solution is to mark up computers the 30-40% over what you would normally pay from the big guys. If, you are willing to pay that, please let us know. Vikkex would change its position on selling PCs, servers and printers!

We do sell parts to Wisconsin clients. For example, the best RAM for a PC upgrade is not the overpriced approximate part you find at the big box stores, but precisely matched modules from a well stocked online vendor at a great price. We can determine the correct memory, order it and install it when it comes in. If, you choose to purchase it yourself, we will work with you just the same.

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