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Residential Service Rates

The Vikkex Residential Service Rates

Service and support for the home user, priced right for every household.

No Monthly Fee

Support available:

*On-site service available 9am to 5pm, whenever not servicing or supporting any business client.

*Standard voice support to our office. ( You may leave a message when we are not available )

*On-site Service rates are billed at 1 hour minimum, then by the quarter hour thereafter.

*6 or more, non-emergency, contiguous hours of On-site Service, will result in the waiving of the On-site Service Call Fee.

Service rates are:

*$55/hr from 9am to 5pm weekdays (scheduled 24 or more hours in advance)
For emergency support, see our Standard Service Rates (Kenosha).

On-site Service Call Fees:

*$0 for residences within Kenosha County east of I-94

*$25 for residences within Kenosha County west of I-94 and east of US RT 83

*$50 for residences within Kenosha County west of US RT 83

Mapquest will determine your location, if the home user challenges his/her status.

Other limitations:

*Residential service is only provided in Kenosha County

*Payment must be received at time of service, either cash or personal check. NO commercial checks.

*No emergency support or off hours support; you may upgrade to professional rates (Vikkex Standard Service Rates) for such support.

*Service must be performed at a residence, and have no commercial business use to the customer.

*Any business will have priority over residential services.

*NO warranty is provided once service technician leaves premises. It is the customers’ responsibility to confirm proper operation of their system at the completion of service and request correction at that time. If, a higher level of service than this is desired, you may upgrade to professional rates (Vikkex Standard Service Rates have 72 hr warranty).


Understand that Vikkex is a professional support organization. Residential support is provided as a way to fill open scheduling slots and provide support for the community at large. Understand appointments may need to be rescheduled, if service to our business clients arise. The technician will determine, if your request qualifies for residential rates at time of service.

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