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Routine Basis

Routine service is a critical step to having a stable network you can rely on day after day. Important tasks to be done regularly would be updating the OS, updating the installed software, checking for spyware, confirming the antivirus software is up to date, checking the log file, and evaluating the current backup procedure for its effectiveness in both backing up data correctly and backing up the correct data..

And you save money when your systems are running well. When you consider that the average pay for office staff would be $15/hr and with the standard assumption of doubling that to include all forms of insurance coverage and other compensation, the costs of slow PC operation adds up. Ten minutes a day adds up fast. That is 120 five seconds pauses a day, which is not much considering all the tasks an office person is expected to do each day. So, what does 10 minutes a day cost? Assuming a 250 day work year, it totals $1250 per workstation! Wow, a single workstation's savings would pay for a Vikkex Service Plan!

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