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Standard Service Rates

The Vikkex Standard Service Rates

Provides limited reactive service and support, great for occasional use.

No Monthly Fee

Support available:

*Service available whenever not servicing or supporting any client utilizing The Vikkex Service Plan.

*Standard voice support to our office. ( You may leave a message when we are not available )

*12/5 emergency service available. ( 6am to 6pm, Monday through Friday )
NO 6pm to 6am, NO Weekends, and NO Holiday support guaranteed.
Off-hours and holiday support is entirely at the discretion of Vikkex.

*On-site Service rates are billed at 1 hour minimum, then by the quarter hour thereafter.
Phone, email and/or remote administration support billed by quarter hour increments.

*6 or more, non-emergency, contiguous hours of On-site Service, will result in the waiving of the On-site Service Call Fee, if your location is less than 50 miles from the Vikkex main office. (fastest route) will be the method of determining distance. Ask for current address.

Service rates are:

$105/hr from 6am to 6pm weekdays (scheduled 24 or more hours in advance)

$158/hr from 6pm to 6am and weekends (scheduled 24 or more hours in advance), at the discretion of Vikkex, only.

$210/hr New Years Eve after 5pm, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, at the discretion of Vikkex, only.

$263/hr Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve after 5pm and Christmas Day, at the discretion of Vikkex, only.

Emergency Service rates take effect on any appointment scheduled less than 24 hrs in advance.

Emergency Service rates are 25% greater than posted above, example: $105/hr becomes $131/hr.

Only one of the following will apply when service at your place of business occurs:

*On-site Service Call Fee is $50 for any on-site service scheduled 24 or more hours in advance.

*On-site Emergency Service Call Fee will be $100 for scheduling less that 24 hours in advance.

*On-site Express Emergency Service Call Fee will be $200 for scheduling less than 4 hours in advance.


Phone, email and remote administration support used to initially determine scope and scheduling requirements will not incur additional fees other than specified labor rates. Typically, we will contact you and discuss your issue. And together, we will plan the best method to address your issue. Warranty on labor is for 72 hours after technician leaves site. After which, it is at the discretion of Vikkex whether to extend the warranty to you.

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